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    After more than 25 years of experience dedicated to the refractory world, the founders of Isolmondego, SA in 2001 have been bold and enterprising enough to apply all their acquired knowledge to creating a small company, Isolmondego, SA, and it is currently one of the most prestigious in its field worldwide.
    In an ever more demanding market, and in order to serve clients, satisfying and going over and above their expectations, Isolmondego, SA has also invested in providing high quality refractory material, in particular refractory brick and concrete, ceramic fibres, floating anchors, thereby allowing an optimisation of the solutions it provides.
    In this regard, the company has taken on an operational model based on various mainstays, highlighting the importance of acting quickly and flexibly in terms of delivering solutions (thus allowing the development of customised solutions) and, equally important, the commitment that the company shows towards its customers in order to develop medium and long-term professional relationships.

Constant Learning

  • Its young but experienced team allows Isolmondego, SA to provide higher-quality solutions. Thanks to the way it has developed this same team constitutes added value owing largely to its degree of specialisation.
    The experience and perfection gained in its implementation of a wide range of projects make Isolmondego, SA a “Constant learning machine” that continuously improves its technical expertise and know-how, minimising the probability of error in every undertaking.

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The optimisation of the internal organisation of Isolmondego, SA has allowed it to be increasingly efficient and effective and the awards it has won bear testimony to its management.

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