• Training

    The particularities of the industrial furnace sector means that there is still continuous and active concern about the creation of safe working conditions for employees. This is why Isolmondego, SA, invests heavily in training its employees in order to expand their knowledge and perfect good techniques and behaviour, affording them the knowledge to enable them to carry out their daily functions competently, improving and adding value and quality to the daily work undertaken.

    To achieve these goals, Isolmondego SA provides its employees with training, information and raising awareness activities in a wide range of areas, namely;
    - Mechanical qualifications (H0/B0; M0/M1/M2);
    - ARI;
    - Safety to work in chemical and petrochemical industries, N1 e N2;
    - ATEX;
    - Reception and conformity of fixed scaffolding in industrial areas;
    - Safety Passport;
    - European first aid course;
    - Firefighting measures and evacuation;
    - Training, information and raising awareness actions for all employees at our facilities, instructing them about the prevention plan, the safety policy, risks, rights, duties and obligations;
    - Training, information and raising awareness actions and reception in all works.

    In addition to safety concerns, let’s spare a thought for technical skills which is why our training plans include certifications and learning in areas such as:
    - Engineering work in shipyards (CACES);
    - Welding;
    - Grouting;
    - Improvement / Assembly of refractory material;
    - Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001);
    - Environmental Management System (ISO 14001);
    - Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001);
    - Microsoft-project;
    - Internet and e-mail;
    - Computer assisted technical design;
    - Staff organisation and time management;
    - Foreign languages.

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The optimisation of the internal organisation of Isolmondego, SA has allowed it to be increasingly efficient and effective and the awards it has won bear testimony to its management.

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